Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Are The Leaf Men

We Are The Leaf Men - Created By Pasiphilo !

Author's Description

After watching Epic I decided to create a couple of paper minis inspired by the faery-sized Leaf Men, whose armour design I loved. Standing exactly two inches tall, this female archer and male samurai can be considered 1:1 scale.

As for the film itself, I enjoyed it overall. I wish the story had been more sophisticated, but the character designs were awesome and the animation was quite immersive. Plus, anything that combines armoured warriors with a nature theme is going get my attention. 

Artwork (front and back) drawn in Photoshop with my graphics tablet, printed on photo paper and cut out.

*Or, used as 28mm OGL-based scale miniatures, they'd count as "Large" creatures. Forest giants, perhaps?

Piranha Plant - 3D Origami

Piranha Plant - 3D Origami - Created By o0DreamMyst0o !

Author's Description

Note: I apologize for the picture quality. I was using my phone since my camera is still missing. It looks way better in person. I may post an improved picture of it later. 

It's a piranha plant from the Mario series. I was using the daruma leftovers for a red mushroom when I noticed that the pieces were much larger and puffier than that for the 1-up. Staring at it some more made me think of a piranha plant so I set it aside and made what you see above at a later point. It looks adorably hideous.

I added random Mario related items around the bottom. They were made by thinking of the modules as pixels. There are awesome projects out there that utilize this technique on a grand scale so I'm happy I was able to incorporate it in a small way. The ones I made include a fire flower, ice flower, koopa troopa, goomba, Yoshi egg, and bushes with apples on them. It's all out of proportion and a bit cluttered, but I think it adds a needed touch of color. I would have made other things, but a CD only has so much surface space and I didn't wanna obscure the pipe further.

It's about 1100+ pieces or so. I don't know the exact count, though. 

I have to say, I am amazed that the head is staying together so well. The pipe on the other hand.... Must buy a different brand of green paper when I get the chance. Slick paper isn't fun, especially when you have to redo rows multiple times.

- Colored Paper (Most are modules except the faces for the little characters.)
- Glue (I would use magic, but I am human after all. It was used for the adornments and putting the parts of the piranha plant together.)
- Broken CD (Might as well use it for something.)

Time Estimated: Hmm...5 hours more or less (not including module making time)? I should prolly get rid of this time-estimated thing since I don't usually time myself. Plus it's hard to estimate when I make things while multitasking, so who knows?

Paper Tabby

Paper Tabby - Created By pettyartist !

Author's Description

One of the paperchildren I'm making for a donations table for the Animation club at my college. 

Tabby cat scratchin' up mah door.

Misaka Mikoto: Paper Child

 Misaka Mikoto: Paper Child - Created By DFrohlic !

Author's Description

my friend, Adi, asked me to make him a paper child of Misaka Mikoto~ lol

Mikasa Paper Child

Mikasa Paper Child - Created By Andres-Morales !

Author's Description

A paperchild of Mikasa, I'll try to hang it with some nylon like the 3d maneuver gear. I love Attack on Titan (especially the manga). Hope you like it!

Little Fish

Little Fish - Created By Enishall !

Author's Description

^-^! isn't he cute ?

3d Origami Dragon With Stand

3d Origami Dragon With Stand - Created By cpcentral !

Author's Description

 Red Dragon Origami !!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

WHAT?!! (Paper Child)

 WHAT?!! (Paper Child) - Created By angelicwish001 !

Author's Description


Tony Stark - Paper Child

Tony Stark - Paper Child - Created By Starsandstark !

Author's Description

"Leave me alone !! >w<"

Russian Peacock (3D Origami)

Russian Peacock (3D Origami) - Created By Denierim !

Author's Description

Started: April 20, 2012
Finished: April 22, 2012
Pieces: 1299
Time spent: about 20 hours + several hours for the glue to dry...

I did not design this origami, nor can I take all the credit for it. I got the instructions from this website: [link] I did a few changes to the original design, mainly on the neck. I wasn't that fond of the thick neck so I made it thinner. 

This is the second most frustrating 3D origami creation I've made. It took forever, and thanks to the fact I don't have a hot glue gun, it took forever to actually glue the tail together with the body. And yes, the use of glue is actually required with this model. I was overall worried from the start that this wouldn't come together. The dark green paper I used as the base is really really REALLY thin, half thinner than the rest of the papers, and I was sure the whole model would collapse as soon as I got it together.

I'm still waiting for the glue to fully dry before I can finish this piece. It still needs a "nest" or a pedestal for it to stand. As seen in the picture, the body is higher than the lowest parts of the tail. But I'll get to that later. Right now I just wanted a picture in case the whole thing fell apart after all. The tail is extremely fragile because of the thin paper...

3D origami is basically folding small pieces of paper into triangles that fit together to form this rather strong structure. If you're interested, I suggest you find some beginners tutorials on Youtube. Trust me, there's a lot of them!

Paper Children - Spidey and Batsey

Paper Children - Spidey and Batsey - Created By BJSinc !

Author's Description

Experimenting with other forms of art. So I figured "screw it".

So enjoy our friendly little neighborhood having a ball with the little dark knight.

Origami Dolphin

Origami Dolphin - Created By foxdemon009 !

Author's Description

Another origami creation

Visit on Etsy! [link]

Hatsune Miku Paper Child

Hatsune Miku Paper Child - Created By Nerime !

Author's Description

commission info~ [link]

this is a little cutie i made for my mom for mother's day ;3; she was superhappy and appreciated the details

3d Origami Squirtle

3d Origami Squirtle - Created By UNSJN !

Author's Description

3D Origami Squirtle in colour!

Here's the link for the diagram on how to make this:

3d Origami Owl

3d Origami Owl - Created By JeanFan !

Author's Description

Irene's 3D origami owl pencil holder. Soon to be available on amuseful.com. More from the same shoot on FB: [link]

Flower Origami

Flower Origami - Created By lazy-benavides !

Author's Description

A simple origami!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zombie Paperchild

Zombie Paperchild - Created By xxBrandy !

Author's Description

He is part of a larger project that I am submitting for a contest! More zombies to come!

The Cookie Trap - PaperChildren

The Cookie Trap - PaperChildren - Created By Keira000 !

Author's Description

Miri is finally getting her revenge for getting in touble with
Hand, which was totally Jules' fault.
She is always getting picked on so this is her chance.

Hand is very very VERY protective of the COOKIES:cookie:
and now that Miri had proof that Jules is behind it.
She has set up a trap that is dangling above Jules head.
The cookie must be good cause he hasn't noticed it yet.

Jules is about to get his Just Desserts
I had this in mind and got it done surprisingly quickly
the plastic container kept twisting and moving that it was 
inpossible not get the motion blur, the paperchildren must 
have been eating my cookies cause the cookie tin
was EMPTY!!!!!


Study!! - Created By exilekids !

Author's Description

my exam is near....but like most of the student...games comes first right??
need some "push" maybe.....

Paper Child Kamiko Arakawa

Paper Child Kamiko Arakawa - Created By Asten-94 !

Author's Description

this is a character of my own invention and is called Kamiko Arakawa (纸 子 荒 川)
Is a girl drawn in chibi style